Protect Colorado’s health, homes, and pocketbooks

Optical gas imaging showing oil & gas pollution blowing over Greeley homes and Northridge High School. Unless we vote NO on 74 and YES on 112, we won’t be able to prevent this type of pollution.

What is Amendment 74?

If a state or local government enacts a law to prevent pollution by fracking companies (or any company), Amendment 74 would require the community to pay oil and gas mineral owners for property value decreases because of that law. It would change the Colorado Constitution to do this.

Supporters of Amendment 74 — including its main financial backer, the oil and gas industry — say it’s to compensate property owners for “takings”. Don’t believe it. It’s actually a scheme by bad neighbors who want to profit at the expense of our right to be healthy and safe where we live, work and play.

Why should I Vote NO on 74?

To protect our health & safety where we live, work, and play:
Colorado universities have published peer-reviewed scientific studies showing that living near oil and gas operations increases health risk.

To protect our pocketbooks:
The cost to Colorado taxpayers of this Amendment 74 would be astronomical. Oregon implemented a similar policy and it cost the state and local communities billions of dollars and undermined important work to protect community health, safety and environment.

Vote YES on 112!

Some oil and gas companies pollute until they’re caught. Because the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission only has 28 oil and gas inspectors to police more than 50,000 active oil and gas facilities that more than a quarter million Coloradans live within a ½ mile health threat radius of, we need to *prevent* pollution where we live.

Proposition 112 would do that by keeping new oil and gas operations at least 2,500 feet away from we live, where we play, and where our kids go to school. It’s a reasonable proposal for the protection of the health and safety of all Coloradans.

What can I do?

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